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The Dr. Gergényi Szabolcs

Dr. Gergényi Szabolcs Ügyvédi Iroda (Dr. Gergényi Szabolcs Law Firm) is an independent, young and dynamically developing office. It combines the old traditional values with the modern approach. We offer general and special legal services for clients of the business and residential sectors. Our work is highly professional precise, effective and quick.

From 2021, the office will only take on a limited number of new assignments as this will ensure the usual high quality work.  Due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation, full online administration is provided, so personal appearances are not required.

During our work we apply the Hungarian Legislation with EU regulations in the national and EU legal act.

Our office is based in one of the most frequented area of Budapest, besides the Opera where the clients can find themselves in a warm atmosphere in dignified circumstances.

Our clients are  not left alone during the time of the assignment: we continuously keep them informed about the activities, we consult with them in advance in e-mails.

The office manager

Dr. Szabolcs Gergényi lawyer specialized in Health Care

He received his diploma at the University of Szeged at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in 2007. He was a trainee lawyer from 2008 to 2011 at a famous Hungarian law firm. The next day following his graduation he went to a trial and since then he has had hundreds of separate procedures. He took part in Lawyer School I and II organized by the Budapest Bar Association. He publicated an article in the Solicitors Journal.

He was a fisrts year trainee lawyer when the client became the successful party by using his litigation tactics and strategy. Many similar success was followed later and some of the cases became the means of law enforcement by the decision of the Supreme Court. He had his bar examination and health care lawyer examination in 2012. He is a follower of creative law enforcement. He is a member of the Budapest Bar Association.

He writes poems and glosses, creates objects and installations.

Dr. Gergényi Szabolcs drglaw

Legal advice

The legal advice is the base of the classical lawyer activity, it is also the first step of development of trust between the attorney and the client. The conultancy takes 40-60 minutes in the office. As our lives are getting very quick nowadays, it is also possible to have legal advice through skype or via e-mail. Please click here for further information.

Legal representation Permanent

For the business sector it is better to handle the legal transactions and disputes in permanent assignments. This way we can ensure our continuous availability for a more reasonable fee.

For our business sector clients we offer 3 types of packages:

It is recommended for micro and small enterprises where a smaller number of legal services can occur in a month, litigation and extra judicial processes occur occasionally.

The package includes:
– 3-5 hours of consultation per month
– sending letters, demands for payments
– writing contracts, opinion, deeds
– telephone availability during workingdays
– representation in litigation or in extra judicial proceedings (discount from the ad hoc fee)

It is recommended for medium sized businesses where a large number of transactions, disputes and a big contract file must be handled.

Compared to the Basic package:
– we offer 5-8 hours of consultancy per month
– we give a bigger discount from the ad hoc fee of the judicial and extra judicial procedures
– we provide legal assistance in conciliation talks

It is the perfect choice for large companies and major suppliers. In this segment legal transactions must be solved on a daily basis, a big number of lawsuit and extra judicial procedures might occur. A much bigger contract file must be handled, often with special areas of law.

Compared to the Medium package
– we provide at least 8 hours of consultancy per month
– in case of judicial and extra judicial procedures we give a bigger discount from the ad hoc fee
– we provide legal assistance in conciliation talks

Legal representation in case Litigation

From 2022, our office will primarily provide legal representation to our regular clients in litigation processes.

Our firm helps the business sector clients in cases when expertism in copyright law, competition law, advertising and media law, health law, freight forwarding law or corporate litigation is necessary at the Hungarian Court. Our residential or expatriate clients may need assistance and/or representation in substantive law (e.g. partitioning joint ownership), in law of obligations (breach), in claims of damages, in matrimonial cases.

Legal representation in case Extrajudicial

Our firm assists the cilents in:
order of payment procedure,
initiation of diligence at the Hungarian Court,
creating combined court fees of a European order for payment procedure,
creating European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims

Contracts and legal statements

One of the main activity of our firm is contract law, so we can provide legal assistance in prepairing a broad variety of contract types. E.g.:

– consortion;
– concession;
– syndicate;
– factoring;
– franchise;
– leasing, etc.

– involving property (including purchase, donation, exchange etc);
– hire;
– assignment;
– insurance;
– credit and loan;
– transportation and freight forwarding;
– entrepreneurial;
– maintenance and annuity;
– contract of deposit, etc;

Click here for special contacts

Moreover, we are ready to create any unilateral acts, such as:
– wills;
– statement of acceptance or resignation;
– debt acknowledgment statement

Companies, organizations

Establishment and registratiing changes of different types of companies – Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Unlimited Liability Company and specila companies such as:
– Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
– European Economic Association;
– European Company;
– European Cooperative;
– Forest tenures;
– Water Resurces Association.

Our firm also helps the companies in:
– Conversion;
– Mergers and acquisitions;
– Creditors claims;
– Representing in corporate litigations.

Non- profit Organizations:

Our office can give legal advice and can assist in the foundation or modification of the deed of foundation of any non-prőfit organizations, such as:
– foundations;
– associations;
– public bodies;
– Others:
– foundation of apartman houses, ROO, creating or modifying the deed of foundation, costant legal representation.

Conciliation hearing

One of our aims is to make agreement in questions of law, to achieve the mutual peaceful settlement in disputes. In order to achieve this, we continuously consult the parties in person or via e-mail, we try to solve the possible disagreements with the help of compromises.


By the Act XI § 5, paragpaph (1), e) of 1998 on attorneys, and by the 4/1999. (III.1) MUK Rules of the Hungarian Bar, the attorney has the right to manage deposit of money and valuables.

We have 3 types of deposits: custody, transaction, performance.

In cases of legal transaction when the fulfilments differ from each other in time, performance deposit contracts are advised. In such cases the attorney can ensure the trust between the two parties. Among the onerous contracts property purchase or entrepreneurial contracts can be like this.

The deposit is an excellent solution to prevent the building industry from „pass round debt”: the attorney fulfils the payment by special conditions based in the deposit contracts.


Claim - debt

– Debt management,
– claim recovery,
– settlement suggestions,
– negotiation with debtor and creditor.
– Payment order procedure,
– European order for payment,
– enforcement procedure.

Transport law

We give professional service such as:
– legal advice;
– preparing contracts for international, domestic transportation also in and out of the EU, by road, rail, see or air
– assessing existing agreements;
– representation at authorities or at the court in judicial and extra judicial cases.

Health Care law

– procedures related to medicine – financing, distribution, advertising, self regulation in market;
– full legal advice;
– foundation, development or operation of institutions;
– medical permission procedures;
– representation of the agency at authorities or at the court in judicial and extra judicial cases;
– creating and assessing contracts and other medical documentations;
– joint ventures.

Dr. Gergényi Szabolcs drglaw

We know that the energy sources of the Earth are finite, it is important for us to save energy. Therefore, our office is proud to join any initiatives that want to preserve the environment.

We work as a green office as during our everyday work we:

  • only use recycled paper and envelopes;
  • only print the necessary documentation, we use the misprints again;
  • use the airconditioning if it is necessary;
  • bike to work if it is possible;
  • swith off all electrical equipments after finishing work.
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